THE CHESSMEN - Widowed, friendless, lonely, desperate and suicidal. Brought back from the brink by a ghostly stranger - but if it was a ghost, what about the Chessmen?
VALLEY OF THE GODS : SYNOPSIS - An epic tale of innocence betrayed followed by flight and pursuit from evil through a land steeped in ancient culture.
RISQUE DANCING - A light hearted expose warning of the dangers of getting too close - even in line-dancing !!!
FRIEND OF THE FISHERMAN - A strange tale of betrayal, obsession, possession and the awful consequences.

The books that help you the most are those which make you think the most.  THEODORE PARKER
Literary Pursuits
100% OF NOTHING IS NOTHING - a play based on tradition versus real-life needs and loyalties versus sibling rivalry when a rich father dies and skeletons begin to emerge from their not so well concealed cupboards.